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Gem Home Watch Services

Gem Home Watch Services Includes:

Interior Inspection

  • Checking on your home while you are away, weekly , Bi Weekly Or Monthly
  • Check doors and windows for tampering and assure they are secure
  • Make sure alarm is active
  • Flush toilets, run water through all faucets,showers and garbage disposal. Check for leaks under sinks and around tiolets
  • Check if air condition is working and on the correct setting
  • Inspect for any signs of mold or mildew
  •  Check refrigerator & freezer to make sure it is running properly
  • Inspect electrical panel for any tripped breakers
  • Reset clocks after power interruption
  • Insect inspection
  • Start Vehicles if necessary

Exterior Inspection

  • Pick up flyers and newspaper from property
  • Check mailbox
  • Insure that lawn and pool maintenance are being performed
  • Check exterior lighting and change bulb if needed
  • Make sure water is shut off if requested by owner
  • Visual inspection of windows and doors for tampering , mold and mildew

Additional Services Available

  • Grant access for professionals, contractors and delivery services
  • Stock groceries for arrival
  • Power Washing
  • House Cleaning
  • Exterior Painting and sealing
  • Pre-Storm Inspectionand preparation, all outdoor furniture will be secured
  • These services are performed for an additional fee.

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