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Gem Pool Service941-497-3430 

Pool Tips & FAQ

Q. My pump is making a loud noise.What should I do?


     A. Shut off your pool at the breaker box and call Gem Pool Service.


Q.How long after adding chemicals can we swim?


     A. We suggest waiting one hour before swimming. If we add something other than basic chemicals we will notify you of when it is safe to swim.


Q. What do I do if a storm is coming?


     A. Remove any lose items from your lanai.

         Clear the area around the French drains in your deck.




Please Keep an eye on your water level. The level should be half way on your skimmer mouth. (skimmer- is the opening in your tile line that pulls water through your equipment)

If you are not in town we will do our best to take care of this for you.

Please furnish us with a hose that can reach your pool, it is important to have so we can clean your filter and add water as needed.

During the dry season , you will most likely be adding water once a week.



When in doubt shut your pool at the breaker box .


Have a question, please feel free to call.  Contact Us


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