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Jeff and Annmarie have been servicing our pool since we bought our house. They do a fantastic job at a reasonable price. The pool is always crystal clear and they are extremely reliable and knowledgeable. An added bonus is that these folks and their son, John, are very nice people to deal with. We actually look forward to their visits!

Bill R.

Easton, PA


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"We have been Gem Pool Service Customers for almost 8 years.  We have found
them to be totally trustworthy, professional, timely and knowledgeable about
their services.  We have never had a pool outage while under their care.
This is especially important if you leave the area for extended periods of
time.  We highly recommend them without reservation!  Frank and Carol L.




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To whom it may concern:

We have known Jeff and Annmarie Kanwisher and their family for approximately eight years as they have been cleaning and looking after our Pool for that time. They have also fixed several things concerning our Pool and have always been very helpful, especially while we are back home in England for six months every year.

In addition, they are extremely trustworthy and to prove the point, we have given them the keys to our house so that they can come in to check on it from time to time, which we are very grateful for.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Lenson


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Jeff and Anne Marie..just a note to say thank you for another year of quality pool service...i believe the "key" element for me, is your last service this year was at the same level as your first service in May of many pool companies are great when first starting out, but gradually deteriorate as the years pass by...thank you also for the phone call in August alerting me to a cracked pipe on the Care Taker system...and thank you for repairing it...i will continue to refer my friends and neighbors to your service, because they deserve quality worry free service as you know Sawgrass residents are "very" discerning people, and you both have our "number"...see you in May regards... Ron Hizon ( worry free in Seattle)


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How fortunate my husband and I were to meet Jeff and Annmarie when we moved into Boca Royale. The former residents highly recommended Gem Pool as our pool service. They said "Jeff and Annmarie were dependable, friendly, knowledgeable and wonderful people." We are not full time residents and we have had to call our service several times to check on the pool for non-routine reasons. Not only did they quickly assess the situation they made recommendations that were knowledgeable and cost effective.
We feel secure knowing that the Gem Pool family manages our pool and keeps an eye on our home. 
Karen and Holmes



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We moved into our home 1 year ago, and inherited the pool maintenance company. Our pool was a mess with stains and our pool guy kept telling us there was nothing he could do. He was also very expensive and charging for basic chemicals.

We ran into Jeff from Gem Pool Service and he told us he could get rid of our stains and our pool service would be cheaper and all basic chemicals would be included.

Jeff started our stain treatment on a Monday, and by Tuesday all of the stains were gone!

Thank you Jeff and Gem Pools for making our pool finish look new again. The transformation is absolutely amazing.

 We highly recommend Gem Pools Service for all your maintenance needs.


Carl & Sandy Geigl

Boca Royal

Proud sponsors of the Semper Fi Boca Royal Golf Tournament

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